About Us

The Sargam – Music in Heaven Concert Series is the birth child of 2 passionate individuals who were able to fuse individual passions into one.

First, we have Jeevan Ramachandran, CEO of JigZaw Productions Pte Ltd whose first and true love in life has been music. While Jeevan always enjoyed the adrenaline rush as well as the satisfaction buzz, he gets when he completes an event successfully, he never saw himself as a concert producer. Having started his career in the entertainment and events industry and himself being an aspiring singer, it was later that he was drawn to the magic of LIVE music, which of course has brought him to do what he loves today. 

On the other hand, we have Thinesh Kurunathan, founder of the Sarvesh Festival of Arts a fiercely passionate entrepreneur and completely tone-deaf, whose passion revolves around the importance of Arts and the Community.

Together these larger than life individuals have launched Sargam, a concert series like never seen before in an attempt to bring quality LIVE entertainment to the Indian community in Singapore.

The name 'Sargam – Music In Heaven' was derived from wanting the name to aptly describe the state of being when one is at any of our concerts. It is not about putting together some instruments and speakers and playing hit songs. It is about curating moments of magic that you would not have experienced before.

If you have had the opportunity to watch any of our previous shows, you would have realized that we are not your everyday event organizers, we take pride and pleasure in the experiences we create for you.

While Sargam means music in Hindi, our logo when you take a closer look can also be read as Sorgam, which means Heaven in Tamil, making up our tagline Music in Heaven (Sargam in Sorgam).  

Join us, Feel the Music, Experience Heaven.